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Sunday June 13, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Work Smart. Here are the 3 types of clicks that Google values the most.

Are you wondering if your website engagement level effects your Google ranking? It does. The exact method they use is still up for debate but we know one thing for sure. They factor clicks; & not just any clicks. Specifically click-throughs, long-clicks & last-clicks. Lets take a brief look at a few ways to improve these clicks & get the attention your brand deserves.

The three click areas you need to focus on:

  • Higher CTRs
  • Long Clicks
  • Last Clicks

Earning a high click-through rate

This is about optimising your SERP appearance. This is where you get noticed. There are many ways to influence the decisions of Google searchers. Tags, Meta Descriptions, Rich Snippets, Featured Snippets, Keyword Urls, Favicons & Branding. Check our previous posts on SERP Seo Appearance:

Should you try to manipulate your Click-through-rate (CTR)? No. Don’t bother. Google are much smarter than you & are quick to issue lifelong penalties. You can’t just load your tags, it’s a marriage between all these factors that will give you site the edge. Clicks, User Experience & Satisfaction… followed by text information. You need to cover all the bases. Falling short on one of these areas can hurt your business in the end.

How to encourage long-clicks

Long clicks means increasing dwelling time. How long people are on your site. It’s intertwined with User Experience (UX). The best way to encourage long clicks is to give the most useful, complete & engaging answer to a user. In the most digestible format you can think of.

As well as your content, make sure your UX is as good as can be. Check our previous posts on UX Design:

3. How to be The Last Click

Being the last click is the holy grail. The mecca of SEO. Depending on your business its worth thousands or millions. Either way its Scrooge McDuck fountain of money level positioning. So how do you do it?

A user clicks through Google searching for an answer, batting between pages, domains & answers… after a while they click your page. BOOM! They found their answer. You are the last click. In Google speak, you have now “satisfied the user query”. It a big thing to them. You are going places.

Basically it’s when a user doesn’t return to Google to select another search result.

It’s not just something thats important to Google, its important to your visitors. This factor makes them 5x more likely to share your content. In order to become the last click you need to make sure your pages answer customer search queries COMPLETELY. TOTALLY. No stone unturned, in immaculate fashion. Beyond that makes sure you have a site they want to come back to.

Go that extra mile, be complete, be in-depth, serve your users with your posts. You will be rewarded in the end, trust us. User experience is the nucleus of SEO.

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Metrics you need to know

Sadly, none of us have the tools to know what Google knows about us but you can start by getting to terms with the tools Google has given us.

Get to grips with Google Search Console & Google Analytics. The metrics you are looking for are:

  1. Click-through Rate (CTR)
  2. Average Session Duration
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. Goal Conversion Rate

Don’t get bogged down in what the number is. The most important thing is that you are looking to improve this number. It will climb as you improve your website. You are likely to see an improvement in traffic & rankings after making effective changes.

Remember your 3B’s.

Be First (SERP), Be Long (Visit time) & Be Last (Have the answer)

Be First

Be Long

Be Last

Now go out there & earn your clicks!!!