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Tuesday March 23, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Why you need to prioritise email marketing over socials

Social media marketing is great, you can’t knock it. It’s a free way of getting your name out there. The problem is that most viewers, double-tappers & scrollers are exactly that. Anything but buyers. The conversion rate from social media is so low it’s only worth your time as an added extra. You should never be relying on social media as the base for your internet marketing efforts. As Freddie Gibbs & Big Sean famously said “Million dollars, million followers, ho, that’s not the same”. Don’t get caught up thinking social media is the be-all-end-all of your brand. Followers don’t equal dollars, necessarily. Its a great free marketing tool, that’s all. In this article we are going to shine a spotlight on the most underrated & underused free marketing tool. Email Marketing. Or as we like to call it in marketing, consensual intimate access. Place your marketing your focus here & you can convert customers at a rate you’ve previously only dreamt of.

Today Email Marketing is still the most welcome & well received form of marketing your business. Let’s take a look at the 7 main types of email you should be sending to your growing list of subscribers.

P.S. Don’t forget to segment your list into categories if you need to, not everyone needs to read everything you’ve got to say.

P.P.S. Always include an unsubscribe option. A clear one. Don’t be that company who are hard to get rid of. That’s spam. It’s illegal.

Ok. So that’s out of the way, now let’s take a look.

1. ‘The Welcome’

The welcome has the highest open rate of any email you send to subscribers. The welcome is opened 4 times more than anything else you can send. It’s a great opportunity to get your best content over to them. 74% of people expect a ‘Welcome’ to arrive shortly after giving you their email. So take advantage of the fact they’re awaiting you. Show up correct. Depending on which email marketing tool you use, you can automate this. Make sure to keep your ‘Welcome’ up to date.

  • Keep it short
  • Easy to read quickly
  • Friendly, conversational tone
  • What you do & how their helping
  • Tell them they are valuable
  • Two to three links to helpful resources so they can learn more about what you do and how they could get involved
  • A powerful call-to-action, which needs to be present in every email campaign you send out. (tell them what to do next)
  • Social Media links

2. ‘The Calendar Event’

This one is simple. If your company is holding some kind of event (or even a discount sale), make sure to invite your customers. When you build your email campaign the focus should be on the event alone. Short, descriptive and get your message across. Give a call-to-action for those who cannot partake in said event.

3. ‘The Newsletter’

The most common email. A great way to keep people up to date with your company. Use this one as a regular way of staying in the minds of your subscribers. Build trust. Regularity is the most important element of ‘The Newsletter’. Set a schedule, weekly or monthly but stick to it. Your subscribers will begin to expect to hear from you.

4. ‘The Educator’

We’ve previously written about the importance of educational selling. If you want subscribers to feel compelled to support your cause, you need to educate them so they have all the facts and figures. This means sharing valuable information that they might find interesting and useful.

If you have the time and resources, you can write and publish this educational content on your own blog. If you don’t, you can always source it from established blogs.

Whether you write them yourself or link to external sources, make sure that the content you’re sharing is not only useful and interesting but also relevant to your audience.

5. ‘The Q’s & S’s’

This type of email is all about interaction. Questions & Surveys. The feedback should provide valuable intel you can use to hone your business. So ask good, details questions & design your surveys with intent. You are also letting subscribers know that you care about what they have to say. All responders must get a personal (auto)message. Don’t neglect their input, let them know that you care.

6. ‘The Thank You’

Another plain & simple email. It’s a must. Keep in contact, remain polite & let them know you care. Hearing from you will create major trust. Not hearing from you will create trust issues. ‘The Thank You’ email gives you another opportunity to display an open dialogue with your customers.

Pro Tip: Automate!

Any opportunity to express your gratitude to them for choosing your business is as good as any. You can also use ‘The Thank You’ on their birthday, significant holidays, company changes etc. Just say thanks.

7. ‘The Customer Story’

A golden way to gain trust is to show the real-life cases where you have helped someone out.

Telling a story. It’s super important to your business that you learn storytelling. By sharing success stories you are giving examples of how your business is making an impact in the world.

Got it?

Email marketing is your opportunity to get up and personal with your subscribers. Don’t be boring and generic, mix it up. Hopefully these 7 types of email marketing messages will inspire you to prioritise email over social media. Your subscribers have given you the green light to tell them stuff, so do it & do it well. Think your strategy through & make the most out of email marketing.

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