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Friday January 29, 2021 By Cloudrovia
What to look for in website hosting for small business

5 Key factors to consider when building & hosting a website for a small business

There are so many options on the market right now we’ve decided to give you 5 key factors to consider when choosing web hosting for your small business website.

  1. How quickly can you get launched?

This is an important factor for many small business owners & creatives alike. When starting your business, you might wonder how quickly can you come up with the idea and take the product/service to market. It’s normally the same thought process for building your website and its super important that you’re not held back by your website builder platform. Our website builder is powered by Weebly & is also optimised for WordPress. Meaning that you can launch a site with us within minutes. It wont matter what kind of site you are building because we have 300+ 1-click-installs to help you get exactly what your planning.

2. How cheaply can you build your website?

Of course when starting a small business from scratch, costs matter more than ever. So make sure you check how cheaply you can launch your site and start gaining your first customers. You’ll want that cost to be kept down until the dollars are rolling in steady & once they are, you can make an investment into your site. We know your plan, we’ve been there. Some platforms come with free trials so you can get up and running fast n free!

3. Does your website host help you avoid any startup costs?

The best way to avoid added costs will be to choose as few providers as possible. At Cloudrovia, we are a full service platform meaning you can register a domain, build your website & host it with us in just a few clicks. Another way to see if the platform has your best interests at heart is to see what they offer complimentary, for instance we don’t charge for domain privacy, so we give you that added layer of personal security for free.

4. Is the platform you are choosing both adaptable AND scalable?

Adaptable means that the platform will allow you to change your website. Change layouts, fonts, colours, logos, domains & even in some cases completely change what the business does. We understand the importance of flexibility in small business. In just a few clicks you will be able to change anything about your website.

Scalable means that your small business website can grow with us. You must be able to upgrade & downgrade your plan in seconds, with Cloudrovia you can. We have unlimited server bandwidth so no matter how big your site gets, you’ll never need to migrate to another host. All this is VERY important if you are building your website for the long run!

5. How much support do they give you once you’re up & running?

I would suggest that you settle for a minimum of 24/7/365 customer support. Nothing less. Understanding goes a long way too, stuff like instant refunds on any services you mistakenly subscribe for & quick responses. This area is often overlooked by many providers. The platform must serve you the entrepreneur. As soon as you get the feeling you are just another customer with them, they have failed.

Getting you up & running is not enough in 2021. The platform must help you get better, develop your in–depth knowledge, review your site & give feedback on how to rank more effective in your given niche. That exactly what we do for all our enterprise customers. SEO software can be very expensive, we subscribe to these services so you don’t have to. We use ahrefs & semrush to deliver you insights into your website. We give monthly SEO audits both on-page and off-page, conduct detailed research in your industry & our experts provide you with tips on how to improve your business online. From branding and keywords to content topics & how to directly outrank competition in your city, we deliver a local growth service across 26 countries*.

*for enterprise plan customers on request.

It’s time you join a platform that understands not only the NEEDS of your small business website but also the WANTS you have as the owner!

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