The reason you’re not getting traffic on your beautiful website

This article is for the shallow websites out there, the pageant queens of the web, the ones who think it’s all about the looks. Sorry to tell you, but you’ve got no personality… Yes you’re proud of launching & you might look great, but on the world wide web we don’t speak gorgeous graphics & branding, we communicate in txt, html & xml. You’re going to need a revamp, so lets redesign your website. Google rewards sites that put in effort. This time around, try not to spend all your energy on the visuals. There are plenty of templates that make this step easy (you can launch a good looking site with very little effort these days, so do that). Instead, save your energy for the SEO. This should be the most important factor of your new website. Too many people launch websites that look smart but behind the scenes, in the source code, there is little to work with. It’s all smoke & mirrors. Don’t be that site. Don’t build a surface site, go deeper if you want google to acknowledge your presence.