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Thursday April 8, 2021 By Cloudrovia
The 4C’s of website usability (UX)

The day you start gaining traffic isn’t the day you start celebrating. Its nothing but an opportunity to compete for that all important second click. Keeping your visitors around isn’t always easy, Conversion XL estimates that the average website bounce rate typically ranges from 44%-66%.That means around half the people who get on your site will leave immediately, never to be seen again. The most common reason for bouncing is they didn’t find what they were looking for… the other main reason is they had a poor experience on your site.

Websites are pretty boring if they aren’t designed around the user. A great website helps visitors understand who you are, what you do & why they should choose you. A good site says all the things you want to say but a great website gives the user everything they want to know. This distinction is important. Your user experience (UX) is vital when converting visitors into customers.

In this post, we’ve created 4 key principles for your website’s UX & employed some helpful alliteration. Follow these tips & let the money come to you.

This is Cloudrovia’s “4 C’s of User Experience”. Lets get into them.


This is the base of a strong user experience. Clear designs only. No crammed in logos, pixelated images, multiple fonts, 4 CTA’s… just keep it simple. Don’t confuse customers. Research your niche & you’ll notice a familiar simplicity across all the top sites.

Every visitor has a goal in mind when they reach your site. It’s your (or your designers) job to give them what they are looking for quickly & simply.

So, how do we do that? Lets break it down into a few rules.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: This quote by Bruce Lee that goes “Simplicity, is the key to brilliance”. When you apply this to website design, it means that you need to focus on what helps visitors & forget the rest. It might go against your initial plans but trust us, its worth it. Anything that isn’t simple is a distraction.

DON’T BE TOO CREATIVE: Users will enjoy a familiar design that they can quickly navigate & find what they want. Contacting you, signing up or buying products should be done within 3 clicks.

UNIFORM: Keep your branding consistent across the website. People, whether consciously or subconsciously will distrust your site if there are a barrage of fonts & colours.

HASSLE FREE NAVIGATION: Let users know where they are & what they need to do next. The easier your navigation is, the more likely customers will return to your site.


Your site needs to work. Quickly. So make sure your web hosting provider knows what they are doing.

That means the following:

KEEP YOUR SITE ONLINE: For that to happen, you should invest in fast and reliable hosting so visitors are always able to access and load your site. Why not try our hosting platform? We are up 24/7/365.

FIX BROKEN LINKS: Nothing drives visitors away and straight to your competitors like dead links. So make sure you check all the links on your site to ensure they work properly.

MOBILE READY: If you haven’t done this already. Your visitors are no longer using desktop alone to access your site, but smartphones and tablets too. Make sure that no matter what devices they’re using to get on your site, they’ll always have a great experience.

ENABLE YOUR SITE FOR EVERYONE. Don’t eliminate traffic from certain demographics. Easy-to-read text, zero colour clashing, clear menus & accessibility.


Keep your content relevant. Your content effects your bounce rate. Your bounce rate effects whether or not Google shows your content to the next searcher. The shorter the time visitors spend, the less likely you are to appear in search.

You do this by understanding your visitors mindset & what they are looking for then creating content that they will be looking for.

Try this Topic Research Tool to get some idea of what you should be writing about.


The second someone lands on your homepage, they make an instant judgement on how credible your business is. Everything up until that point informs this decision. Your business name, headers, spelling, branding, load speed, social media & relevancy. Make sure your site does everything it can gain a users’ trust before they even click.

If you are a small or local business, your contact information must be instantly visible. Reviews & social media also add to the pot. Users are much more intuitive than you think, they can see what kind of person is behind the site. You can’t fool them. Build it with the same care you’re building your business with.

Got it?

Designing your site experience isn’t about your site. It’s about understanding your users.

Sites like Weebly have they best themes/template for building your site. So all the design elements are taken care of for you. Give their web builder a try through our platform. We are an official partner offering their solution paired with our customer support & high performance cloud hosting.

Once your online, definitely give SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool a try. Start here.

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