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Saturday March 27, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Tell your customers where to go!

You know when you walk into a coffee shop & don’t know where to stand, sit or order? A simple sign is all thats needed. Instructions. We all need them. Your website visitors are no different. In fact, the human brain is always on the lookout for signs & instructions. We are instinctively looking for signs showing us what to do next. Should your visitors sign up to your newsletter, buy your product or get in touch? If your website doesn’t included powerful call-to-action then its really quite flat for your audience. Make them dive into the next step. If its not clear what they should do, they’ll likely do nothing. Below we will be breaking down calls-to-action (CTAs) & their role in converting your web traffic into valuable business. We’ll also show you how to create strong CTAs that can get your more visitors.

Let’s get into it.


A call-to-action (CTA) is the next step directive you give website visitors. It lets you audience know what you want them to do next. They normally come in the form of “Buy it now”, “Find out more” “Request a quote” “subscribe” etc.

If your site doesn’t have one, your users don’t know what to do next. Studies demonstrate that without a CTA, most of the time visitors will bounce.

Our is “Get Better Hosting“. It leads straight to our pricing page for hosting packages. You can see it in action on our homepage.

Without CTA, you lose.

What do you want visitors to do on your website? Buy products? Sign up? Call you? If you need users to take a specific action you won’t achieve it without an effective CTA.

A website without a CTA is essentially a magazine page. They will scan it and flick to the next. CTAs create an immersive experience for a website visitor. Make them jump into your world & follow you commands. You have to make you site, fool proof. Meaning that while the next move might seem obvious to you, make it obvious to a small child or better yet to a fool. No CTA means no sale. Don’t leave the money on the table.

Every page is a chance to convert your visitors. Therefore every page needs a CTA.

Let’s take a look at what makes an powerful CTA, not a boring one.

Only make enticing CTAs

There is no cookie cutter model for this, so we have made a short guide detailing The 6 aspects of creating powerful CTAs.

1. Buttons

Always use buttons. Not hyperlinks or basic text. Buttons. If you want them to get noticed and clicked, they need to be big, bold, in-your face buttons.

Don’t think different on this one, just make your CTA a button.

2. It’s got pop!

The design of your button needs to stand out and capture attention. Make it stand out from the rest of your page. Imagine your visitors has asked “where should I click?” and give it to them.

Use a bold contrasting colour that still fits with your overall design scheme.

3. Text must make Action. Make your CTA button attractive.

Colour is going to get their attention but its what your button says which will decide how many clicks you get. Be provocative, stand out. Make sure it gives them an idea of what to expect next. Play around with the marketing text on your website like Netflix do. They tease you with the marketing text saying “See what’s next” “Watch anywhere” “Cancel anytime” then hit you with the CTA “Join free for a month”. It’s their winning formula.

Play around with the copy surrounding the text, see how you can lead your customers towards a strong powerful punchy CTA. Mention one of the many benefits of your services or testimonials then boom, CTA Conversion.

4. Never missable.

It almost goes without saying but make sure everyone can see it. Visible without any scroll on all landing pages. Do not expect visitors to hunt for your CTA. Your CTA must be the most striking element of your page design.

Pro Tip: Create a CTA that stays in place, hovering as users scroll the page.

5. One is enough.

When there are too many choices, people leave. Nobody succeeds chasing two rabbits. It’s choice overload. This is common for websites too. 1 CTA per page is enough. Give clear direction to your users & you will surprised how often they take that option.

If in the rare case, you NEED to use 2 CTAs. Never allow them to be on screen at the same time.

6. Always under review.

As we’ve previously written, be your own harshest critic. Constantly A/B test your CTAs and see how different colours, copy text or location can create different results. If you’re new to A/B testing website elements, we recommend you check this out.


No perfect template for CTAs will work. Like most things if everyone is doing the same thing you’ll need to stand out. Hopefully after reading this you’re a bit close to developing powerful CTAs that tell your customers where to go!

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