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The 4C’s of website usability (UX)

By Cloudrovia

The day you start gaining traffic isn’t the day you start celebrating. Its nothing but an opportunity to compete for that all important second click. Keeping your visitors around isn’t always easy, Conversion XL estimates that the average website bounce rate typically ranges from 44%-66%.That means around half the people who get on your site will leave immediately, never to be seen again. The most common reason for bouncing is they didn’t find what they were looking for… the other main reason is they had a poor experience on your site. Websites are pretty boring if they aren’t designed around the user. A great website helps visitors understand who you are, what you do & why they should choose you. A decent site says all the things you want to say but a great website gives the user everything they want. The distinction is important. User experience is vital to converting visitors into customers. In this post, we’ve created 4 principles for UX & employed some helpful alliteration. Follow these tips & let the money come to you. This is Cloudrovia’s “4 C’s of User Experience”. Lets get into them.

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