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Money vs. Wealth, which one are you chasing?

By Cloudrovia

You know that moment in a Aladdin, when he first meets the Genie? Genie meets Aladdin and he’s surprised. Aladdin is not the usual kind of guy who gets a hold of this lamp. You know, this clip. He pretty much knows what he wants. And it generally has to do with tons of money and power. Do me a favor, do not drink from that cup. I promise you there is not enough money and power on earth for you to be satisfied. Good? So, what’s your first wish? I know a lot of you say you want to be rich. But, what you really want is wealth. Wealth isn’t cars or yachts or even helicopters. There’s a lot more to it. Here’s why you need to get wealthy instead of rich. And here’s how to actually do it.

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