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Secure the site, secure the bag.

By Cloudrovia

You can’t imagine how important website security is until everything goes wrong. Do you know how it feels to lose a website? Not only can you lose what you’ve spent your time/money creating but you could compromise your visitors personal information leading to legal action. It’s something you need to take seriously before you even think of creating a successful online business. You see that little padlock in the address bar? If you don’t have that, you are not an option to at least 30% of the internet… and even worse yet, they are the most vital 30%. The people who care about secure websites are the kind of customers you want. They take their personal & financial security seriously because they’ve got something to protect. Neglecting website security in 2021 will 100% put a stop to your internet business (even before it begins). Without an SSL, you’re stark naked. Pull your pants up & reclaim your web-dignity. You need get encrypted.

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