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Your website is boring. Change it with our 9-factor UX checklist.

By Cloudrovia

So, you launch your site. You hoped for a home run but sadly you are 2 strikes down in front of Google’s entire audience. You can hear the crowd calling your site ‘the trampoline’ because its bounce rate is so high. You think you might throw in the towel. Your dream of web-stardom is dwindling. You don’t know what to do next. You closed your eyes and prayed to the web-gods for a sign. This is their answer. This is your sign. We will give you what you need to make it online, but it’s going to involve a little effort from your end so get your notes ready. Like all great journeys this one starts with acceptance. Your site is weak. Accept it. Your website is a clutter of jargon jumble, a heap of horrible html vomited onto a tiresome template. We’re going to keep this as short as possible because you need help, fast. (before you end up here). Be quick, use our 9-factor checklist to ensure your user experience (UX) is more engaging than Disneyland in December. This is going to keep you in the game. Go!

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