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Thursday February 25, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Stop using Shared Hosting

When reviewing your hosting, just know it’s similar to booking accommodation for a vacation. You’ve got tonnes of options, but really there are only two outcomes. Satisfactory and unsatisfactory. It all comes down to the level of service you will get & the type of problems you can encounter. Ask yourself: Do you want swan towels & champagne on arrival or a 14-man dorm with no air-con & endless stranger-danger? Lucky for you when we’re referring to hosting, both of these options are affordable. We’re not sure why people continue to choose the shared option. You need to stop using shared hosting.

Your site is the lifeline of your business, when it’s down, the wellbeing of your brand is heavily smeared. There are plenty of options when choosing who to host your website, these providers will offer you everything from virtual private servers to standard shared hosting. The main difference between shared & cloud hosting is that while shared web hosting will be cheaper, it is far less secure & difficult to scale. Shared hosting also doesn’t provide the resources & speed needed to run a hugely successful website. These are the types of things that go on in the background of a website that really slash the tyres & limit your overall progress and you wouldn’t even know what/who is holding up the journey.

Got it? Ok, so you know how we feel. Let’s help you clearly understand the distinct differences between shared and cloud hosting. Then you can make an informed decision of your own.

Shared or Cloud?

Shared hosting servers have 1000’s of websites on them. They are physical servers built and maintained by a hosting provider. If your website is on a shared hosting plan, it is competing for the same internet resources as those 1000+ other websites. Most shared hosting companies will make use of their resources by cramming thousands of sites onto each physical server which undoubtedly drowns out your website’s performance & speed. It will also present an infinite list security breaches.

“Simply put, if a hacker gets access to ONE of the sites on a shared server, YOUR site is now vulnerable.”

Cloud hosting however is built across multiple servers. The cloud has now replaced the need for a physical, limited server. Website data & speed are now unlimited. Your cloud hosting provider will host your website & it’s content across a global network of servers, constantly changing to fit the location of your visitors. Cloud hosting performs better & is far more secure that shared hosting. When it comes to security, imagine your passwords are in a hat with a thousand others, that’s shared hosting. In the cloud alternative, your password has been written down, diced up into pieces and each piece flown across the world. Sites hosted on the cloud in 2021 are virtually impenetrable.

When problems arise (they always do), on the cloud you’re not dependent on a single dedicated server so you can be migrated to another server quickly. Some server providers even auto-migrate in the face of anticipated problems. As the internet becomes more populated and competitive, speed is the new buzzword for search engines. Cloud hosting is the best possible hosting provider for a website in 2021.

Have a look at this article we previously published that explains how your type of web hosting can effect your small business.

Still thinking of shared?

If you’re building a website that nobody wants to look at, stick with shared hosting. If you want to experience high traffic & powerful security features, it’s cloud hosting all day. The only way we can let you off is if you own a 1-page website with little content. If your site is worse than this then you can keep your shared hosting plan, deal?

“bUt cLoUd HosTiNg iS tOo eXpenSivE”

If your hosting is under $10 per month, you’re on a shared plan. Your server siblings are eating all the food & you will be left hungry. You will continue to perform poorly in search and you will eventually close down. Give your venture the best possible chance it has and choose a cloud hosting plan today. Don’t mess about. It’s an extra few bucks & you’re getting far more than what you’re actually paying for.

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