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Thursday August 5, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Secure the site, secure the bag.

You can’t imagine how important website security is until everything goes wrong. Do you know how it feels to lose a website? Not only can you lose what you’ve spent your time/money creating but you could compromise your visitors’ personal information leading to legal action. It’s something you need to take seriously before you even think of creating a successful online business. You see that little padlock in the address bar? If you don’t have that, you are not an option to at least 30% of the internet… and even worse yet, they are the most vital 30%. The people who care about secure websites are the kind of customers you want. They take their personal & financial security seriously because they’ve got something to protect. Hint hint. Neglecting website security in 2021 will 100% put a stop to your internet business (even before it begins). Without an SSL, you’re stark naked. Pull your pants up & reclaim your web-dignity. You need get encrypted.

Secure the bag website first. Secure the bag second.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Install an SSL Buy a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. (Get EV: The highest class of SSL)
  2. Make sure you are using HTTPS Encryption (https:// in your web browser)
  3. Keep your website management software up to date.
  4. Use anti-malware software Install software to scan for & prevent hacks.
  5. Set complex passwords – 54321 isn’t good enough.
  6. Don’t fall for tricks – Don’t bother clicking phishing emails and other scams… You haven’t been caught watching questionable content & no Nigerian Princes need your bank details!
  7. Hide your admin files.
  8. Manually accept on-site comments – Keep control of your comment section. If you use WordPress, use a premium spam plugin to save your time.
  9. Get a host with automatic backups Host your website with a platform that prioritises automatic backups DAILY.

30% of all internet users named security as their number one priority.

Aside from the obvious threat that Hacking imposes, it can result in huge losses in traffic, your site being suspended or crashing.

Get your website secure now.

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