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Thursday July 22, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Our Performance Cloud hosting is now available from $0.00

We want to do more for our customers. We want to help you grow your websites & thrive online. As long as you run a website, our only goal is to make your life easier. Webmasters all over the world are crying out for more tools, more support, more value. We’re here to answer that call. We’ve decided to make our hosting services accessible to everyone. Hosting with Cloudrovia is now possible from $0.00. We’re not going to bore you with exactly how we’ve made that possible, just know that we’ve done it for you. We want to remove all the obstacles between you & your dream website. So we figured our hosting was a perfect place to start. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our hosting is getting pretty good reviews. It gets even better; the plans aren’t being downgraded, not one bit.

Our enterprise plan will still remain at it’s premium (for the pros) but for everyone else, the small business website owners… it just got even easier.

None of our plans have reduced in features. All our Cloud Hosting plans run on our exclusive hybrid hosting platform, bringing unparalleled performance. Running the latest and fastest PHP platforms, your demanding application can take advantage of everything we have to offer. Even our $0.00 free hosting plan is operated on Dedicated Servers (never shared), delivered by our Content Distribution Network with 99.99% Uptime, Cpanel, Automatic Daily Backups & a Super-Fast SSD.


Learn more about our hosting here.


What is web hosting?

For others to see your website, it needs to be stored–or ‘hosted’–on a publicly accessible computer (server).

Will my site go down if I migrate here?

Nope! Our staff will make sure your website is functional before going “live” so there’ll be no downtime in the transition.

What operating system do you run?

We currently run CentOS 6.7 (Linux) on our Cloud-hosting platform. We offer different distributions for custom dedicated servers.

Can I host multiple websites on my plan?

This depends on the plan you’ve selected. All plans except the ‘Personal’ plan allow for multiple websites to be hosted.

Can I host a WordPress website?

Absolutely! We offer 1-click installs of 125+ applications, wordpress included. Set up a wordpress website in 60 seconds!

Can I upgrade or downgrade between other plans?

Yep, and we’ll handle the migration/upgrading process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So now you’ve one excuse less. Get started.

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