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Friday September 24, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Million dollar ideas are hiding in the Grey Markets

This week we are taking a look at where multi-billion dollar startup ideas come from. Particularly we are looking at Grey Markets. This is when consumer demand is moving faster than the law. Yes, you read that right. We are talking about pushing against the current legal restraints to serve a growing demand. This is a sure fire way to make millions (in some cases billions). It sounds far easier than it is but the goal is to take an high demand illegal/regulated opportunity & find a way to make it legal. If you can find a way to do that, the world is yours. Disclaimer: We’re not advising you to break the law, we’re advising you to find where the law will change next & arrive early, in some cases even ushering the change. History shows that what the people want, they will eventually get. It’s just a question of who’s going to give it to them. Will it be you?

Here are a few examples:

Digital Music was once illegal – Napster/iTunes/Pandora/Spotify pushed back and created a Trillion dollar industry.

Local Property Laws once forbid short term rentals – Airbnb turned it into billions.

Taxi Regulations were being contested by private firms – Uber normalized them, made billions.

What do the people currently want that the system won’t give them?

Hopefully this gets your cogs spinning. Next time you’re having a brainstorm, think about Grey Markets. The flourishing private pools of demand are usually 10 steps ahead of regulators, so expect some resistance. Nobody said it would be easy. There are goldmines waiting for you.

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