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Sunday September 19, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Is your website millennial friendly?

Every company known to man is currently scrambling to connect with millennials. If they aren’t they soon will be, it’s just a matter of time. This generation accounts for over $1.4trillion of annual spending power. Millennials are smart, they grew up online so staying authentic is the best route. They can see right through your bullshit. Millennials expect a solid UX, a website that has purpose and a site they can trust.

We previously wrote on how to keep your website relevant:

Your website is boring. Change it with our 9-factor UX checklist.

The 4C’s of website usability (UX)

Does your brand have trust issues?

Here are a few ways to get your site ranking with the next generation of spenders:

1. Tell your story, connection with emotion.

Try using an About Us page. Give your visitors the reasons why you’re here. Be as human as possible, if you have any social causes you back, this is your time to shout about them. Don’t fake it. Be as transparent as possible.

2. Back it up.

Don’t just shell out boring data. Use videos, infographics, FAQ’s & Testimonials.

3. Simple experience, always.

A simple user experience is now a standard in this internet game. Get your shoppers to the checkout as quickly as possible. Configure your website flow effectively.

4. Mobile First.

92% of millennials own a smartphone. If you use Weebly, you’re good to go as all sites built with them are optimised already. Don’t neglect building for mobile, if you do it will be your death sentence.

Got it?

The 3 most important things for the millennial audience are authenticity, transparency & ease of use. Forge a connection with your customers, give them your story. Don’t just say it, back it up with facts. Authentic images, authentic content. Transparent on your intentions & your mission. Make the website simple to use for desktop AND mobile. It’s most likely you already do most of these things, especially if you’ve been following our blog for some time. Other than that just keep your web design up to date to stay relevant with the ongoing styles/trends. Thats how to stay engaged with the millennial crowd.

Good luck. If you have anything else you think we could add to this list, drop me an email

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