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Tuesday September 7, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Is it time to pack up & move somewhere new?

Have you hit a plateau & developed a lack of enthusiasm for your days? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of some place different, a home where things are perhaps easier for you (or at least more exciting). You want the days to fly by while you thrive at becoming the best you can be but right now days go round & round without ever igniting your spark. Deep down you know that you have more to offer this life. Your dreams seem way out of reach right now & you’ve tried every way of doing things yet nothing seems to go to plan. You’re not alone. It’s not you. You are living in the wrong place. It’s time to migrate your website. If you’ve recently decided that your site needs to move home, here are some tips to avoid disruption.

yOu cAn mIgRaTe A wEbSiTe?

Yes. In case you’re not familiar, website migration is when you change your websites management system. Basic updates don’t count. Migration is when you switch the platform you manage your site on, your websites structure, website name, server location or design.

It can solve a lot of issues for you & open a lot of doors… but it isn’t without it’s risks. You can lose your ranking on SERPs and even lose the whole thing. I’ve done that before. Back in 2014 I lost a website I spent a year building. It still hurts.

It can be a challenging process, so if it’s your first time I’d recommend you use a professional.

The most common reasons for website migration:

– Changing Your Site’s Structure, Navigation, or Design

– Moving to a New Framework or CMS

– Adding a Mobile Version

– Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

– Moving To a New Server

– Changing the Domain Name

Pro Tips:

Inform your users you will be moving your site.

Don’t migrate all at once.

Hire a professional if you don’t know what you’re doing. (or message

Migrate during off-peak traffic.

Prepare for the worst (back everything up, twice!).

Test everything.

Benefits of migrating your website somewhere new, (like WordPress):

It can make your site easier to manage

Achieve better design & functionality

Library of Plugins to help you operate

Improved control over SEO

8 Benefits of migrating your hosting to Cloudrovia:

1. All-in-1 Platform

2. Build responsive websites

3. Recieve a FREE SSL Certificate

4. Regular Audits from our Technical Web Consultants

5. 24/7/365 Support to help you manage your website

6. Cheap, Fast.

7. Access to Weebly Templates

8. WordPress compatible.

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