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How to work with influencers

Influencer marketing is declining. Less people are becoming influencers, fewer influencers are getting hired. As with most things finance, decline is the best time to invest. This is where you capitalise. It’s a great time to snap up influencers & micro influencers for your business. Now more than ever you should be using influencers to raise brand awareness and a build a stronger relationship with your customers. We’re going to get into a few ways to work with influencers (that you may not have thought of). We’ll also hope to shine some light on what a successful campaign should and shouldn’t look like.

1. Competition

A great way to work with influencers is to create a competition for them – one that invites them to create content on behalf of your brand for the chance to win something.

But for your campaign to be successful, you need to make sure that whatever you’re offering in exchange for their involvement is extremely valuable and beneficial to them.

So, think about who your influencers are and what exciting thing you could offer to entice them to take part in your competition.

Build a Solid Influencer Strategy

2. Micro

They usually have less than 100,000 followers, but their audience is highly engaged and interested in the content they share. This means that their followers are eager to listen and to respond to the things influencers post about.

So you don’t need celebrity influencers to run a successful campaign. Instead, go with micro-influencers. While they may not have the name recognition or celebrity status, what they do have are legions of loyal followers who are already highly engaged in specific topics. So when you work with them, you’re sure to get better engagement and results than you would if you’d work with a celebrity influencer.

Another thing to take from this campaign is this: feature your product but don’t be aggressive about it.

Working with Micro Influencers

3. Make influencers

Create a friendship between customers and your brand, where customers can become the models and spokespeople for the brand.

Instead of looking for full-time influencers, look for customers who love or truly believe in your products and services. And then build a relationship with them so that they end up becoming your brand’s ambassadors.

Generate More Awareness

4. Try different platforms

Instagram is the most popular, but not always the most effective. Pinterest is known to be one of the most popular platforms for seeking ideas and inspiration for projects, whether they’re for home renovation or planning the perfect wedding.

So, if you want your influencer marketing campaign to be a success, don’t just focus on finding the right influencers but also the right platform to run it on. Do some research on the major platforms to find out where your target audience spends time online and use that channel to promote your campaign.

Social Media Toolkit

5. Pull on heartstrings

Find those influencers who love your organisation and care about the causes you support, and find a way to work together. This is a great way for the influencer to give back to the community while also helping your non-profit to get more visibility online.

Connect to Influencers in Your Niche

6. Break the bank

If you can afford to hire a celebrity influencer, don’t hold back. But even if you don’t, what’s more important is to choose an influencer who is loved, trusted and authentic, and who is also passionate about your brand or whatever cause you’re looking to promote.

Influencer Marketing Tactics That Work


Influencer marketing can be an effective add-on to your existing marketing efforts, and a fantastic way to stand out and reach more customers.

If you’re considering partnering with influencers to boost brand awareness, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Influencers don’t need to be celebrities. They can be regular people who love using your products or services or are passionate about the causes you support.
  • Influencer campaigns don’t always need to be focused on your brand or product. Think outside the box and find different ways to promote your business without being too aggressive.
  • Give influencers creative control over the campaign. They know their audience better than you, which means they also know what type of content can result in higher engagement.

How to Find Influencers to Promote Your Content or Product

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