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Sunday June 27, 2021 By Cloudrovia
How to Supercharge an Internet Business in just 3 Steps

So you’ve hit a plateau & you need fresh ideas. Perhaps you don’t know what exactly needs to change but you know the business needs shaking up. We’ve been there before and in fact we get to this place every few months… it a natural cycle. You should look for a slight change in how you operate, nothing crazy but some firm, moderate tweaks. A few key changes that will breath energy into your business. Here are 3 ideas on How to Supercharge your Internet Business.

1. Raise your prices

So much can be affected by a simple price increase.

Old Customers will love it

Old customers love seeing prices go up for everyone else & staying low for them. It will built loyalty & increase perceived value.

New Customers will deal with it

Worst case they knew the price was lower previously, they will still likely join you. You could always offer a discount if you feel compelled to. Most of the time, as you have now increased perceived value, they will equate the higher cost to better service. Well now you are charging more, you can actually do that. You can now spend more money on improving your service.

Your team will be better off

This is the most important part, your team. It will give you more cashflow to spend on your team.

Plus, it will give you more money to improve your website

Higher quality, Higher price

2. Switch your daily schedule for a weekly checklist (realistic deliverables are the key to consistency)

We are still talking about discipline but we want you to change your approach. Instead of hourly objectives or even daily… try weekly. Give yourself more time & only do the important things. We like to create a list of things that need to get done every week & do them on our own time. Deliverables = Weekly Objectives, not daily or hourly. If your team are working from home, its a great method that will fit everyone. It also sets you apart as an employer. This flexible approach never feels like too much. It’s all about give & take. It allows your team to live around their work. Which is super important. Expect work to be delivered quicker & to a higher standard. Ask yourself if you could do only 5 things this week for the business… what would they be? Treat your entire team the same.

3. Upgrade your Webtools

If you read our previous post on Webtools, you’ll know that we regard them as superpowers. They just allow you do hours of work in seconds… really. Once you’ve raised your prices & shaven down your schedule the next step is to spend that money on upgrading the tools you use.

Whether its marketing, sales or analytics. Tools. Shop around.

(bonus step below)

4. Learn how to say NO & start saying it!

If you’re in the early years, you’ll be keen to pounce on any/every opportunity. We’re here to tell you not to. Stick to your guns & say no to the rest. You will never get where you want to go trying to please everybody. This means no off-piste arrangements, nothing off menu, no extra services, no visits or special treatment. Do what you set out to do and nothing more.

Pro Tip: Never give a hard no if you think they could be worth something to you in the future. Find a way to let them down slowly & do it with a smile.


Got it? Now there are 3 steps that can shake things up for your online business. Let us know how you get on.

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