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Sunday July 4, 2021 By Cloudrovia
How to get ahead in online retail this summer

A lot is changing in online retail, big brands are going D2C (Direct-to-Consumer), shopper behaviour is changing drastically every month & brick-mortar retailers are falling down the charts. (e.g. Ocado is now worth more than the top 3 physical UK supermarkets combined). With growth, comes competition. Small margins will make the difference & you’ll have to think outside the box to get ahead. Customer experience is key, after-sale engagement is important. Build a early rapport with your site visitors.

Below we’ve listed a few off-piste tips that might give you an edge on your competition:

1. Pay close attention to any changes in your website search behaviour.

2. If products are out of stock, offer the best alternatives.

3. Make sure your store has an “in stock only” filter.

4. Create an “email me when back in stock” option for customers.

5. Personalize ALL customer emails.

6. Market back in stock items to your customers.

7. Don’t be afraid to increase prices.

8. Look for new, creative ways to connect with your customers

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