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Tuesday March 30, 2021 By Cloudrovia
How to content market with no budget

How do you get seen online? Ok let’s take a look. You might be under the impression that the best internet marketing formula is ‘$$$+Ads=Boom‘. We’re here to tell you that it’s not. Not even close. In 2021, you, the little guy can compete with big budget marketing. Ad spend is not necessary for success online. Sure it helps get you out there faster but remember the more you spend, the more you’ve got to make back to cover the cost. It can be a tricky business once you’re spending thousands (in some cases millions) in ads. Forming a strong basis for your organic (non paid) internet marketing can provide your business with BIG RETURNS in the future years & can actually increase the value of your company. In this post we’ll explain exactly how to get your brand out there for no and low cost.

Content Marketing?

“Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star.  Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.” – Robert Rose

Anything & everything your business does online in classed as CONTENT. Content marketing is the sharing of your online output.

It matters.

  • Increased brand awareness. Content gives your audience something to talk about. And when people talk about you, they share, like, comment on your content. You know you’re doing a good job at content marketing when people keep mentioning and praising your name, and when you’re at the centre of your prospects’ conversations online.
  • Trust and admiration. Building trust takes time but great content can help make that happen more easily. When you share your knowledge and advice time and time again, your audience will come to regard you as the guiding light and the top source of information in your industry. Quality content helps you to gain authority, authority that is then transferred to your products and services, making customers much more likely to choose you over your competitors.
  • Increased sales. When you’re creating quality content that targets potential customers, you’re shortening the distance between them and your products. Imagine a prospect stumbles upon one of your blog posts. They read it and find it so insightful that they have to visit your site to learn more about your business and your offering. They is your chance to turn them into customers.
  • More site traffic. This one’s obvious but very important. Great content will send people to your site where they can find out more about your business and products or services. It will also entice readers to share it with others and to subscribe to your content, which can result in a loyal audience for your business.
  • Better SEO. Think about it: without content, what is there to optimise for search engines? Your content tells Google what your business is about and, if optimised correctly, it will allow it to return your site for relevant user queries. High quality content also attracts links, which tell Google that you’re an authority in your industry.

Now, while content marketing isn’t a short-term strategy and you have to be at it all the time, over time it can help you reach more qualified prospects and customers.

Do I need deep pockets?

No! A lack of resources means you don’t have to waste time/money diving into every content-related project you can think of. That’s not a bad thing. Instead of focusing on quantity, always choose quality. Get creative with content marketing as it’s the only way to truly compete with the big brands.

6 Ideas for making creative online content.


Storytelling is an integral part of content marketing. Why? Because our brains are hungry for a good story. So if you want to make the sale, forget the data and make a personal connection. Stories will not only help create an emotional connection between the reader and your business, but it will also make your brand stand out.

So, what’s your story? What are people missing out on by not using your products or services?

These articles share some great tips and advice on using storytelling in marketing:


The key to comedy marketing is not to try too hard, sometimes don’t try at all. You’re not looking for fits of laughter but rather a chuckle, or gentle explosion of air from the nostrils. You don’t need to be a comedian to create a fun video. Just be natural. It can be as simple as facing the camera and saying, “Hi, I’m Chris and I want to tell you about our gardening business”. Just aim to get your character across. Authenticity is the key. Just make sure to focus on how your business stands out.

Check out this guide to effective low-cost online marketing to learn how to create quality content on a small budget.

Video footage

Worried video creation can be too expensive for your small budget? Don’t. Today, if you have a smartphone you can make a great marketing video. A one-minute video highlighting the things that make your business great could become your best customer acquisition tool.

Use your users

Know when to take advantage of media and user-generated content that tells your brand’s story for you. Keep on eye on what’s being said about your business online and see whether you can use a story, a review or a customer testimonial to build trust. Sometimes the best way promote your business is to encourage your customers do it for you. People follow people, so let your customers lead the way.

Be useful

It doesn’t need to be flashy, make sure your content marketing strategy focuses on creating content that is both purposeful and unique. We’ve spoken to great lengths about the importance of educational selling.

Blog on related topics

You don’t have to create several blogs to make your content strategy work. Just make sure you think outside the box and figure out which broader topics you can cover, that are still related to your business and relevant to your audience. Do your homework and see what type of information your prospects are looking into and create content around it.

For example, if you’re a gardener, don’t just create make over blog posts. You can go even further and share tips on how to care for a lawn in the summer, or how to build DIY planters.


We understand that content marketing can initially seem intimidating and time-consuming when you’re a small business. But you shouldn’t be afraid to try, or to fail.

The best content marketing campaigns are almost always a mix of proven methods and a bit of creativity. So use these ideas to get inspired, figure out how you can connect uniquely with your specific audience and then innovate and deliver. And please: have fun with it! Always have fun with it. The moment the fun runs out in marketing you are doing it very wrong.

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