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Monday March 15, 2021 By Cloudrovia
How to build Money-Making-Traffic in 2021, not just window shoppers.

Who cares what number your website ranks for a given search. The only thing that should matter to you is driving convertible traffic to your site. The kind of people who buy. Nothing more. You’d rather get 5 visitors that become 3 customers, over 1000+ window shoppers every day. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to adopt your SEO strategy for 2021 & create valuable traffic, not just traffic.

FIRST PLAY: Get attention pre-sale


Connect with your audience before they are customers

The most competitive keywords are buy-words, the type of searches where people are looking to spend cash in few clicks. The big spenders on Google tend to dominate these keywords. You should still be trying to rank for these words, always, but be patient. For faster SEO results, focus on long-tail versions that roll of the tongue. These are similar phrases but the searchers goal is more educational as opposed to an action-based buy-word search. The big spenders on Google tend to neglect these keywords, it’s not worth their cash. They need immediate sales. Aim for these educational, long-tail related phrases & develop in-depth, educational content for people to read. Trust us, they come back and they will purchase within a few weeks. People research before they buy, this is called Educational Selling. It cheap, easy and will get your site ahead, quickly. Get a pay-per-click tool to find keywords that still rank, but are less competitive. In short, educate your buyers before they become buyers.

Start your keyword research here.

Pro Tip: You don’t actually HAVE to write in-depth content, you can just create landing pages on your website targeting those keywords…. You’re welcome.

SECOND PLAY: Build on your strengths


Find where you are winning and build on that

Even with a big budget, it’s still hard to rank for news search terms. A powerful strategy is to look at your analytics dashboard and find which pages are doing well and continue to develop those pages. This strategy can create quicker ROI than the traditional route. Make sure you are still following the traditional routes for SEO results.

Here’s the steps:

  • Log into your Google Search Console.
  • View Performance
  • See which words you rank for & what are the most popular pages
  • Take the top pages/keyword
  • Use a Keyword Research Tool to find related keyword phrases
  • Take the most buyer intent phrases & add them to your popular page
  • Adjust your content to keep it relevant (DO NOT stuff the words in!)

If the page you selected is already ranking on google for the head term, you will probably get to the holy grail page 1 in around 45 days. Just by adjusting your existing content. Thats a quick fix! Make sure you focus on terms that will create business for you, not just blanket terms picked because they get traffic. Your traffic needs to have intent. You need buyers, not lookers.

THIRD PLAY: Brand Spanking Branding


Brand your business, go heavy.

Build a powerful brand. Strong imagery, name, idea etc. Google is revisiting 2008 & putting more importance on branding. The CEO famously said that “Brands are how you sort out the cesspool (of information)”. If you have built a powerful, recognisable brand already view how your search is improving with Google Trends. The stronger your brand’s identity is, the faster you will rank. Dive in deep with branding, your brand should be an instantly recognisable vein that runs throughout your online/offline presence. As soon as people think of your brand, they should instantly recall colours, fonts, phrases & logos. It’s your job to make that happen.

FOURTH PLAY: Trojan Horse your backlinks


Create undeniably unmissable content.

Do the work others won’t want. Make your content other blogs’ business. We’re talking about Link Building. Basically, what your aiming to do in play #4 is create content that includes backlinks that others want for their sites. It’s a sneaky backdoor for building backlinks, the only trick is that your content has to be desirable for other websites. Can you do that? Take your time, have a think of some ways.

Huge multi-million-dollar sites live on this distribution strategy. Every time a story is published by a news site, it filters down through hundreds of smaller, feed-based aggregator websites. This creates links to the original website every time they post. Backlinks aren’t the be-all-and-end-all but they DO still provide an alley-oop for your website status. These links are like a back-end Google CV for your website. Find a way to get your content republished, reposted & shared.

Pro Tip: It works with images/video files too… You’re welcome. 😉

Here’s a cool analogy for what we’re explaining in play #4.

Make them put you on the top shelf!


Shifting your energy into these Guerrilla SEO techniques can give your site the boost it needs to stand out to the Google bots & create short term traction. The traditional routes are still currently the best ROI but will require lots of patience, so these 4 plays are a few ways to keep your head in the game. They are a bit outside the box but you’ll have to get comfortable living there to thrive in this saturated space.

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