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Thursday April 15, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Here are 10 blog marketing tricks

All bloggers want the same thing, a growing audience. To achieve this ever-expanding outreach you will need to develop a new set of methods when creating/distributing your content. You can write all you want but if your traffic is dwindling, you’ll probably run out of motivation. Here are 10 ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’ to get your blog out there & attract more regular readers.

1. Optimise posts and images for SERPs

The internet is saturated. Its likely to be the same for your niche. That’s okay. Building a blog today is sort of like building a store on a desert island… Nobody knows you are there so don’t expect to sell out. You’ve got to start a fire if you want people to find you. Yes, you could get lucky & a ship could see you or a plane could fly low over your island… but that would be pure luck. There are over 500 million blogs on the internet today. Do you want to rely on luck to get noticed?

Didn’t think so. First call of promotion is to optimise your blog for search engines. We’ve written in great detail about that before (have a look at some of our related articles below).

Optimising for search engines will allow google searchers to discover your website organically. When ever you create a new blog post, make sure it is properly optimised for search engines. This guide will help you optimise every wordpress blog post you make.

Images are the secret ingredient to traffic generation. In 2017, Moz reported that almost 30% of searches are for images. Meaning that 30% of your traffic could come from search. Make sure your image game is strong, no pixels, clear meta tags etc. Follow this guide for an in-depth breakdown and what you need to do.

2. Get active in your community

Your not the only person doing what you’re doing. Instead of hiding out in your lair, conspiring against your community & viewing them as competitors, embrace them as your friends. Reaching out to other bloggers like you can quickly increase your audience & even inspire wider changes. It’s a strong look to collab, so don’t miss out.

Search for blogs in your niche & reach out to them. Start an engaging conversation, follow their socials. If you remember how to make friends, then just do the blogger version of that. If you’ve forgotten how to do that, here’s a guide. The basic idea is getting to know them, sharing articles & eventually helping each other. Go make some blog friends.

3. Use the comments

The idea of spamming your links into blogs is an almost ancient method, but it still can work (if you do it right). Comment when you can add value, don’t spam. Write detailed, interesting questions based on their content. No bot-talk. Start the conversation. It will allow both the blog and the blog audience to see you as a force in the niche with valuable insights. Don’t post links. You will scare away potential reader & probably get flagged in your network as a spammer.

Before you comment ask yourself “Do you have something helpful/interesting to say?” and only link to absolutely imperative, super relevant links. Google alerts is a good way to see who is publishing content related to your niche. Go to Google Alerts, add your topic & select the “Blogs” tag. Visit these blogs & be an early commenter on the articles.

4. Hit the forums

Hitting the forums is a great way to get in front of passionate people sharing ideas. It’s the expressway to being involved with the “in” crowd. The readers of the top forums in your niche are always looking for the next big blog to follow, why not yours? Yes, they will be a knowledgable crowd with even some experts chiming in. Don’t be afraid, you’ve got the passion so get in with the culture. You will have more in common that you think.

Quora is a great platform to start with. Again, same as google alerts, find your topic & read the questions/answers. Its the same tactic as the commenting in #3. But in this version you are helping people who need answers and in this version, make sure to link to your content. You can be a bit more frivolous with your links.

Here’s another backdoor to find forums… hit google search with the following prompt.

“intitle:forum” + [your niche]

Another type of group to look out for are Facebook Groups. Give them a try.

Don’t enter any of these forums with promotion on your mind. You need to be aiming to help people. A lot of marketers struggle with that basic fact. Only you care about your promotion. You need to give the audience something to entice them. Help them. Don’t ego post. You want them to actually read your site, not just visit because you dropped a link.

5. Share your content on more platforms

When you spend a lot of time creating great content, do yourself a favour and share in across numerous platforms. We like Medium, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter but you can also use Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo & Reddit. Depending on whats appropriate.

Great content deserves to be shared with every potential readers. Don’t just post, make sure you interact with people on the platforms.

6. Use different hashtags

You know what hashtags are by now. You know how to use them. What you might not know is that using slightly off-topic hashtags can showcase your content to a new audience. Give it a try. Don’t venture out too much but try something slightly off the main ‘#’.

Definitely use hashtags relevant to you core audience. If you struggling to list them out, try using a service like Hashtag Expert. We use it for our social media posts. It’s around $20 for the year & well worth it. It has a feature that auto-generates hashtags based on your main hashtag.

Experiment as you go along, sometimes the formula is never set. You might have to keep trying things forever, thats often how you get the best results.

7. Go Live

This is going to depend on your media capacity. For example: If you run a cleaning company, why not instagram or facebook live a start to finish job? Then you’ve got the video footage for a timelapse…

Basically this area is about getting yourself in front of a camera & showing your best side. Think vlogs, timelapses… even TikToks (*cringes*)… see what works best for you.

8. Interviews

You can get reader attention by guest posting (go to #2 for blog outreach tips). Find podcasts, get on their guestlist. Influencers can also be a great interview prospect. People like hearing what other people think so interviews are a great way to share perspectives.

Put your blog out there, share your experience & knowledge. Contribute to your industry with an interview. Text interviews are a great way to invite search traffic to your site. A big majority of searches are in question form.

9. Make your posts easy to share

The easiest way to do anything is to have other people do it for you. Have your social sharing buttons in clear view.

Maybe even put them at the beginning of the article. Just make sure it is easy for your audience to share.

If you run a WordPress blog, make sure to look at this list of plugins for social sharing.

10. Email

Do not ignore this. As soon as your blog goes live, start building your mailing list. Your subscribers are you superfans & will be your most committed audience readers.

Whenever you post, email it to your mailing list. They are the most likely people to share your content.

So whenever you publish a new blog post, you can email it to your subscribers so they’re the first to read it, and hopefully to share it with their friends. Read our previous article about the importance of email marketing.


Schedule some time for each of these areas to make sure you are employing a full, broad range of marketing tactics. It super important that you don’t neglect any avenue with marketing. They are all important when developing your blog audience. The more time you take to promote your blog, the bigger the reward in the future. All your posts are permanent so build your blog with purpose. Regularly check these 10 tips to stay on track. It might take some time but you will eventually develop an engaged community of blog followers who will share your knowledge with others.

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