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Thursday June 10, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Google has given you the blueprint, why aren’t you using it?

It’s 2021 & you’ve got no excuse not to understand your data. Lucky for you, it’s easier than ever. Google have released 5 data tools that practically give you the blueprint for digital perfection. It’s the kind of guidance you’ve dreamt of; simply input your data, hit send & you will open up a world of analytics. Not only do these tools give you macro data on any industry but also incredibly personalised metrics. They all create a checklist of improvements for your domain, to get you to the top tier. What a time to be alive. Lets take a look at them:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is used to track the “trends” around search queries. This makes it a great tool for keyword research.

Using Google Trends will help you to understand how the world is interacting with the search engine. It’s made easy to understand by the use of graphs, charts & infographics.

2. Google’s Rising Retail Categories

Predicting the next big trend is retail is impossible but becomes slightly easier using Rising Retail Categories. This tool is Google’s data on retail. It gives you product categories, searches around them & geographical trending reports. It can help you pick the next product that will fly off the shelf. If can also help you determine which products to focus on in any market. VERY VALUABLE!

3. Google’s Visual Stories

Visual Stories is described by Google as “Bite-size visual stories for busy marketers, driven by trending topics and data from Google.” The stories can be anything from case studies to industry trends. Think infographics & interactive sliders.

Insight from VS will even share desires, experiences & perceptions of your audience.

4. Google’s Grow My Store

If you sell products, you need to get familiar with Grow My Store. You get results based on the following: Product Information, Store Details, Personalization, Customer Service, and Security. GMS gives you the blueprint for creating a site that google loves. They will help you understand how to advanced into a super seller. Expect explanations for reviews, profiles, live chat & HTTPS.

Sign up, enter your business details & recieve a full list of changes that need to be made, directly from Google. You’ll also get custom insights based on your industry. Through the “Reach More Customers” option, you will be able to view trends & searches that will give your marketing the edge it needs.

5. Google’s Test My Site

 Test My Site instantly runs tests on your websites speed, personalisation & experience. As expected you will get a mini-report covering issues, fixes & corrections. If you sign up you can get a long 18 page report with links to resources, case studies & tactical tips.

In conclusion

It’s not always easy to know the metrics Google cares about, but they have always given away tools to give us an insight. Data is more important than ever, what source is better than Alphabet themselves?

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