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Monday May 24, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Does your brand have trust issues?

Have you built a flakey brand? Are people visiting your site & bouncing like a space hopper? There are lots of symptoms that your brand is having trust issues with your visitors. Don’t fret, it’s a short fix. You’ll need to make some changes to the way you’re presenting yourself. The cause is likely to be that you are focussing more on what you want to say, rather than what your visitors want to see. It’s okay. You need to reverse engineer you user experience. Below we’ve listed 7 things to change on your site to help increase trust in the online community. Believe us, these changes go a long way. Lets take a look.

1. Be relatable, Be human.

Stop trying to come across squeaky clean. It didn’t work for tiger woods & it won’t work for you either. Be yourself. Don’t conform, your uniqueness makes you stand out. It creates trust. If you run a professional website, try starting a blog. It will give you an opportunity to display your personality.

2. Show & Prove with Content.

Your content gives you credibility. Make sure it is informative. Here is a previous post that shows you how to create credibility with content.

3. Let your visitors know your site is safe.

SSL. Get one here.

Learn more about SSL.

4. Create customer focussed Return, Refund & Privacy Policies.

This is how to take a 1 time purchase & turn it into a life long customer. People love to see businesses that care about their experience. Make it easy for them. Always put your customers/clients first.

5. Be Available.

24/7/365. In order to create trust, you will have to be there to answer their beckoned call. Issues & problems will need resolving quickly & justly. Be that guy. Be there for your people. Take pride in that.

6. Demonstrate your Transparency.

Every opportunity you get to show them you are an honest business, do it. It works. Be genuine, but pump yourself up a little bit. Let them know all the great things you do for them. “We don’t charge for x”… “We don’t believe in y”. You are a great business with nothing to hide, show your visitors.

Got it?

Its similar to any relationship. You need to communicate effectively to build trust. Stop being shady & come clean. Mystery doesn’t work when you want people to spend money with you. Be anti-mystery. Be a stand up website.


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