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Saturday April 17, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Do you really need to advertise on Instagram?

Are you thinking about creating Instagram adverts to grow your business? Great. ‘The Gram’ has almost a billion active monthly users with around half of those users scrolling on a daily basis. That’s big business even without ads. Using Instagram Ads will allow you to stand out from the crowd & reach the right people at the right time. By the end of this article you will either be ready to set up your first ad or you’ll know its not a good fit for your business’ marketing strategy.

How do Instagram Ads work?

It works via Facebook’s marketing system. Which, incase you didn’t know is the most powerful marketing tool in the world to date. It allows you to target a specific audience based on location, age, interests, past history and much more.

Basically, you configure your promotion with a few clicks & your target market will see your ads show up as they scroll their feed. More money = more outreach. You can promote images, videos & carousels. They fit into the user interface and are seen with little interruption.

Are Insta Ads right for your business?

When making your decision consider the following:

How aesthetic pleasing is your business?

Instagram is all about the visuals. You have a few seconds to attract scrollers. Ask yourself “Can my business deliver?”. You’ll need to deliver high quality content that is visually pleasing. Thats how you stand out.

If your business can’t get its visuals across in single photo form, try video?

If you can’t get a beautiful photo or video that will attract users into what you do, you should focus on a less insta-nt impact marketing platform. We recommend you check out our list of common marketing mistakes, go to #4 for advice on how to avoid choosing the wrong marketing platform.

Are you customers even on Instagram?

Early on, you’ll need to identify whether you audience are instagram users. When we say audience, we don’t mean people who double-tap photos. We mean customers who spend money. Are your customers on Insta? Don’t waste your time, energy & money on showing advertisements to users who aren’t interested in spending money with your business. Don’t collect likes for your ego. You need to find customers.

Instagram users are 60% female, 40% male. 70% are between 18-34. If your target audience are people outside this category. Don’t fall into the dopamine trap. Likes boost your ego, not always you business.

Decide whether Instagram is a good fit for your business. If it’s not. Head straight to Facebook & use the same filter. Don’t feel that you have to market on social media. All businesses are successful marketing with Google.

Pro Tip: Just like all roads lead to Rome. All customers start on google. Google is your friend. Start your marketing efforts on there. Don’t use instagram unless you are sure that you can make sales on the platform.

P.s. Twitter advertising is making a comeback. Keep an eye on that. We will.

Good Luck

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