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Category: Security

How should you protect your website in 2022?

By Cloudrovia

Whether you’re running a huge ecommerce site or a small personal blog, your website means a lot to you. After all you’ve spent time, effort and money getting it set up, and of course your site means a great deal to you – either because it earns you your living and/or because it (and its contents) has sentimental value. For that reason, it makes sense to protect your website as much as possible. But the world of website security can feel confusing and intimidating.

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Still using passwords? Here’s why you won’t be next year.

By Microsoft Azure

We are living in amazing times. The old security paradigms no longer fly. We need to transform our approach to security always. The only people in the world who love passwords are hackers. Passwords are hard for us to remember & easy for hackers to guess. You really need to do more to protect your websites. The first thing everbody should do is turn on Multi-Factor Authentication. That will cut your exposure by 99.99%. That being said, the response for MFA has no been great as it’s not user friendly enough. We are shifting from a world where usernames & passwords are the standard to a world where Passwordless Authentication is the standard.

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