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Saturday April 10, 2021 By Cloudrovia
Avoid these online marketing mistakes at all costs!

When your running a small business website on a small budget, you won’t have hired any pros to help out. You’re learning on the job, learning by mistakes, trial & error. We are here to cut your learning curve in half. Below we’ve listed 6 common marketing mistakes that small business owners are making. Make sure you’re not doing these and you are on the right track!

1. Assuming a mobile-friendly site is an option, not a requirement

We’ve written in great detail about mobile optimisation in the past. Mobile viewers across the internet make up around 70% of traffic. So make sure your site looks good & works fast for mobile visitors.

It’s no longer an option to have a website compatible with all devices. You need it.

Once done, make sure to use Google Search Console to review just how compatible your mobile site is based on their standards. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, whether you’re a carpenter or you sell handmade jewellery, you’ll need a mobile-friendly website. If you don’t have one already and you treat it as optional, you are turning away customers & sending them straight to sites that provide a better mobile experience.

Make your site mobile-friendly with SEMrush data!

2. Thinking that you don’t need to blog

If you want your target audience to know you exist, to drive traffic to your site, to become a knowledge base for your niche & to be more helpful that your competition You need to blog.

When running a small business website, blogging is the key to your long term digital success.

Here are some tools to help you create a powerful, effective blog.

If you want to save your money & become a true expert in blogging, take one of these two courses. Keyword Research Course With Greg Gifford or Content Marketing Toolkit Course

3. You’re focused on getting customers, not keeping customers

Most beginners don’t see the value in retention. Here’s the thing, you can’t get your bath full if theres a hole in it. In order to reach your big goals, you’ll need to keep customers. Often customers who stay with your business are your best form of marketing (word of mouth).

Getting people through the door is great, but any good salesman can do that once. The difference between good & great is getting the same people back. Repeat customers take your business from good to great. It’s also much cheaper in terms of marketing.

  • It costs 5x more attracting a new customers than to keep the one.
  • Selling to existing customers is 60-70% converted, selling to newbies is around 5-15%.
  • Existing customers are more likely to engage in your new products/services.

You put so much time/money into attracting customers, gaining their trust and enticing them to buy from you, why stop selling after just one purchase? Value the customers who have already come through the door. Don’t let them leave. They are most likely your next sale.

4. Choosing the wrong social media channels for the wrong reasons

It’s super common to see small businesses start on social media channels because their friends do or it’s what their competitors are using. The channels in question are Instagram/Facebook. The success rates can be wildly different. It’s a rookie play to select a given social network just because others have had success with it.

  • Choose you channel based on where your audience are spending their time
  • Choose a platform that is closest to the point of sale for your business

Ideally your customer should make no more than 3 clicks before you have them in your database. Bare that rule in mind before marketing a B2B business on Instagram. Or a B2C on Linkedin.

Get started here, Social Media Toolkit: One place to manage and track all your social profiles

5. Your content is spammy & you haven’t noticed

You could be spamming your way to unsubscribes & unfollows, without even realising it.

SPAM doesn’t just mean annoying emails. It refers to almost ALL marketing tactics that people don’t want to see.

Along with classic spam guidelines like DON’T send emails without explicit consent, DON’T send too many emails to subscribers & DON’T send irrelevant content. We’d also add, review your social media profiles & make sure your post quality is A1. Online, quality always wins. It’s possible you are showing off creating tonnes of content but nobody is interested in seeing. Just showing people what your doing isn’t enough anymore. You need to create posts that people actually need to see. Not just what you want to tell them. Take note.

Before you make your next post, ask if it is:

  • Helpful
  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Relevant to the people you’re promoting it to.

If it’s not all of these things, save it. Don’t waste your time. Too many small business owners just on the ‘update bandwagon’; posting things to look like they are busy or to “engage” with potential customers… when really they are just posting things nobody cares for. If your social media posts are not helping your viewers, they are ego-posts. Stop it, you social spammer.

6. You’re not asking for testimonials

If you are not asking customer for detailed testimonials, you are missing out. Post sale is a huge opportunity to grow your online trust & visibility. Most buyers read reviews, make use of that. Not enough small business owners are motivating their customers to leave feedback. Think outside the box. (Idea: Add in a price reduction for a 50 word review). At the end of the day, people are tribal & positive reviews are the best business card you could ever have.

Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews


We all make mistakes. There are lots of other mistakes that could be going on with your small business website.

If we’ve helped you to avoid making some errors by this article, great. If you are already doing some of them, this is your opportunity to fix them & learn from it. Fixing just one of these things can bring more traffic to your website instantly. Eliminate all of these mistakes to increase trust & create way more sales in your future.

Good Luck!

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