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Sunday September 19, 2021 By Cloudrovia
A picture is worth a thousand…Sales

We all know how important product images are. But recent data shows just how important. According to Weebly, over 75% of people say photos are very influential when deciding whether or not to buy something online. Things you can’t see, you won’t buy & things you can see more clearly or accurately represented, you are more likely to buy. Over 80% of shoppers expect multiple different angles of products on their respective pages. The benefits of having professionally taken photos of your products have never been more clear. Better Images = More Sales.

If you use our Weebly website builder, why not give Weebly Photo Studio a try. Having your product photos shot by a Weebly professional returns an average increase of 88% in sales, 25% in website conversions & can multiply your sales figures by 100x.

Make sure your product listings represent your brand & connect with your audience too. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, make sure your photos are shot by a fashion photographer, in a similar way that your audience is used to. If you’re on a budget & you don’t want to hire a pro, here are a few tips to get it right first time:

#1: Choose natural light or artificial light.

#2: Use a tripod for consistent frames

#3: Don’t expect editing magic

#4: Fill or bounce your light to soften shadows.

#5: Take inspiration from brands you love

#6: Get to know the rule of thirds

#7: Use simple props

#8: Take multiple shots from varying angles

#9: Put your product in context

#10: Follow the product photography specifications

#11: When in doubt, stick to a plain white background

#12: Display the details

#13: Create a diagram (if needed)

#14: Show off your range

#15: Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone’s camera.

#16: Use a sweep or portrait mode to emphasise the product.

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