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Friday July 9, 2021 By Cloudrovia
8 ways to enhance your (B2B) trade services website

A B2B website has to do 1 thing. Create leads. Correct optimisation should mean you are converting between 1-5% of visitors into warm leads. Optimisation is the key to a B2B website. Here are 8 ways to enhance your B2B trade website.

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1. Prioritise navigation over appearance.

2. Every page is about the visitor.

3. Layout is crucial.

4. Name-your-images-properly.jpg

5. Header & Hierarchy your content.

6. Consider Mobile devices before desktop.

7. CTA – Tell your customers where to go!

8. Get to know your visitors.


These changes take your basic websites into the big leagues. Make these changes. If your website is managed by someone else because you aren’t too tech-savvy, send them this article & say you want your site optimised. Or you can drop me and email & i’ll take a look at your site. (

Good Luck!

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