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66 Facts that spell out our future

So much change has happened in the last 24 months. Yes, you wore a mask & got fat but lets think bigger for a moment. The biggest impacts aren’t as easily visible, the tectonic plates of our economies have shifted & we are racing into the future without any brakes. Every industry has been impacted by the last two years (some more than others) & every person too. As we emerge from the stagnation most of us are wondering, what’s next? I’ve spent the day breaking down some industry reports for you. Most of them were boring but these 66 facts I have compiled should help to uncover the destination we are all heading and who knows, you might even want to get a head start.

This is ‘66 facts that spell out our future‘:

Who got hit the hardest?

1. Retail Is in Decline

Retailers lost over 40% of value

2. Airlines Still aren’t flying high

Business travel has fallen by over 50%, unlikely to recover. 75% of airline travel profit is made by business travellers.

3. Service and Hospitality got hit, hard.

Over 75% of hospitality jobs were lost.

4. Restaurants might never find their feet again

25% wont reopen post pandemic. Communal kitchen spaces & online cafeterias for delivery services like Uber Eats, & Deliveroo are becoming more popular.

5. European economies on the ropes

European economies lost an average of 10% GDP. It takes decades to recover from this, if ever.

6. The poorest countries suffered the worst fate

Developing nations will lose $250bn due to the effects of the pandemic. The dream of a stable economy for any 3rd world nation falls on hope at best. Post pandemic this hope is flailing & the 3rd world will remain under the thumb of leading nations for a very long time.

7. Theatre, Cinema, Museums & Fun Parks almost vanished

Ticket sales in The Arts & Entertainment fell by 93%. This was the 2nd most impacted industry. During this period many organisations have become reliant on (predatory) bank lending. This doesn’t bode well for the future.

8. People were paying minus prices for Fossil Fuels

The demand for fossil fuels fell into negative. The demand for energy also increased. Renewable energy hit all-time demand highs.

9. Some healthcare services like Dental became a Luxury, not necessity

Dental employment fell by over 45%. Most dental appointments have become emergency only.

10. Construction was stopped & major debt was accrued in the industry

70% of Construction businesses were affected by the pandemic, many of which are still recovering. As with travel & hospitality the larger businesses have accumulated more debt during the last two years than all-time combined.

11. Auto-parts suffered & The writing is on the wall for the (Non-EV) Motor Industry

People are driving much less, so auto parts are still recovering from a prolonged period of around an 11% fall in revenue. The full chain is still battered by the disruption. That includes all industries from plastics, metals & rubber to logistics, local mechanics & tyres fitters.

Who grew?

12. E-Commerce saw massive growth

Online shopping grew by 30%

13. E-Learning growing into a thriving sector

E-Learning grew by 15% & isn’t slowing down

14. Zoom, Skype, Teams & Hangouts

Video calling grew by over 400%.

15. DoorDash & others Tripled in 2020

Food delivery companies tripled in value.

16. It’s not just cars going green

The Cannabis industry grew by 40%.

17. $9.5 billion of home fitness equipment was sold last year

Fitness-at-home grew by over 30%.

18. Fiverr Grew 740% in 2020

Freelancing websites grew across the board, Fiverr leading the way.

19. Big Pharma is Booming 

Pharma is at an all time high.              

20. Home Improvement went crazy

DIY grew exponentially. Plants & Paint lead the way.

21. Work from home increased Consumer Tech Focus

50% of the work-from-home crowd upgraded their IT Equipment                    

22. Video sites at All-Time High

Video sharing websites grew by 15% globally. At the top of the pile are Youtube, Twitch & Pornhub.

A Shift In Values.

23. Carbon Footprint is now a big thing for people

82% of people are now concerned with their environmental impact. 12% of people will spend more money to buy an eco-friendly alternative.

24. Most people don’t think the companies can actually achieve their green policies

Only 15% of consumers believe that brands they buy from can achieve their environmental goals.

25. Local business got a face lift

64% of buyers want to buy locally & Independently.

26. Nobody wants to go back to how it was

Only 30% of people want to return to full-time office life.

27. Freelancing is at an all time high globally

The highest growth countries saw increases between 66% & 208%.

28. Multiple Streams of income

Over 5 million people started a side business to supplement their income or chase a dream.

29. Social Justice is on everyones mind

Over 70% of people think that companies have a responsibility to address social issues. Almost 60% think a company is out of touch if they don’t.

30. People are loving the outdoors

Going outside everyday has increase by around 20%.

31. Consumers are taking better care of themselves

Hygiene products saw growth between 90% & 5700%.

32. More people want to life their truth & change their values

Divorce went up by 34% during the past 2 years.

33. People need each other

Search for the word ‘Community’ increased by 85%.

34. Inequality Awareness

65% of people have listed wealth/income inequality as a major concern.

Online Acceleration

35. Digital ads have taken over almost every platform

Digital as spend grew by $100bn & isn’t slowing down soon.

36. Working in DM has become a popular career

Digital Marketing became one of the fastest growing salaries in the world.

37. Cybersecurity has gone insanley huge

As we’ve all spent much more time online, hacks & data threats have increased. Cybersecurity has been pushed to the forefront.

38. Cybersecurity Jobs are the highest paid in tech

Cyber security professionals are routinely netting six figures.

39. 5 Million Cybersecurity Jobs

There are over 5million unfilled cyber security roles available.

40. Online small businesses are doing well

Shopify grew by 170%.

41. Dropshipping keeps growing

Dropshipping grew to become a $600bn industry. Showing it is more than just a craze.

42. People want less clutter. The 2nd hand market grew

Ebay grew by 30%

43. Freelance Web Developers are out earning a lot of people

Freelance web developers are now making an average of $80,000 per year

44. Freelance Graphic Design is so hot right now

Graphic Designers are making an average of $300 per hour. That could be why they are happier than average.

45. Freelance Writing has become an emerging choice

Freelance writers are making $52k on average. People are favouring this approach to seize control of their work/life balance.

The Future Is Green

46. The Inevitable rise of Electric Vehicles

Tesla grew by 700%

47. Eco-Products Are Everything now

50% of all packaged products are now eco-products.

48. People like Sustainable Meat

Organic food is still growing in popularity.

49. Sustainable Fashion is also in demand

Green fashion will double again in the next 5 years.

50. Companies must be Eco-Marketing, not just marketing

Almost 60% of consumers are aiming to buy only from brands that tackle social/environmental issues.

51. Sustainable Agriculture Pays

Organic farming is x10 times more profitable than regular farming.

52. Loads of Net-Zero Emission promises are being thrown around

Large companies like BP, Facebook & Ford have commit to reaching zero emission status by 2050 or sooner. Given fact #24, I’d say people think this is mostly hot air.

53. Renewable Energy is showing to be a smart investment

The cost of renewable energy has fallen by up to 85%

54. Sustainable Financing at it’s all time high

Global investment bonds in the sustainability sector have increased by 700% since 2015.

55. Stocks Rise for Eco Innovations

Green innovation businesses have started to gain investor traction & therefore share price & valuations higher than ever before.

Getting A Headstart On The Future

56. Try Freelancing, it’s only becoming more popular

75% of people agree that freelance work allows them to work anywhere they want, with who they want & earn more or equal what they did before.

57. Learn how to build & manage a website

Operating a website now a fundamental skill not only for business owners but for freelancers alike. Understand the basics at least. Start here.

58. Pick up Graphic Design as a skill

90% of Graphic Designers are freelancers, that makes it the most flexible profession in the world. Maybe that’s why GD’s rate their happiness above average.

59. Video and Audio Editing are becoming core skills

Video editing expecting to be a billion dollar industry before 2025.

60. Follow Digital Marketing Trends, you will need to know whats new

71% of small business owners do all the digital marketing for their businesses.

61. Be yourself, be creative

Tell stories through your work, your brand or your business. A personal touch can account for 75% of an advert’s impact.

62. Keep an up to date CV, the Gig Economy is burgeoning

Having a professionally written CV can increase your chances of being hired by 8%

63. Work on your Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurs score lower than average on Analytics, Empathy, Planning & Self-Management. They tend to score higher on Persuasion, Leadership, Accountability & Goal Orientation. Try giving them your focus for a while.

64. Get very good on a computer & you will be ahead

It’s 2021 an around 25% of people still don’t know how to use a computer. 45% have poor computer skills & 25% have moderate computer skills. Get your sh*t together on a computer and you are already in the top 5%.

65. You are going to need to think about Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry is quite evenly split among the top vendors. Educate yourself on Computer security and what is coming next.

66. Get more IT Skill, they will come in handy

Pick a branch of IT & educate yourself. It’s never too late. Like I mentioned earlier, there are 5million unfilled jobs in Cybersecurity alone.

Brooding & Concluding…

Whatever your focus is right now, think about taking it online. You won’t be able to ignore it forever. We are heading towards a digital future quicker than most can imagine. Think about the changes since you got your first cellphone to now. It really hasn’t been long. Look at where we are heading and shift accordingly. Don’t be scared, change is inevitable, embrace it & enjoy it along the way. What an exciting time to be alive.

A few areas we’ve ignored today but will become commonplace in our future are Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cloud Computing, AI & Machine Learning, UX Design, App Development, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics & Advanced Cyber Security.

So yes, this is basically prelude to Sci-Fi. Here’s what we’re in for…

…The year is 2055 and your new car has driven itself for a check up with your local TeslaBot®. Your Apple iPlant® gently vibrates from inside your basal forebrain and alerts you that your flights to The Earth’s Moon have now been booked with Amazon Galactic. You drink your Brkfst® & throw on your nano-microbial t-shirt to compliment your molecular self-cleaning trousers that you’ve slept in again. It’s Wednesday and you’re e-learning for a new job, you’ve worked in 17 different industries this year.

Only Joking!

If you have an ideas about the future of business/technology or just want to reach out in general. Drop me a message on

I’ll look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Take Care

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