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Sunday August 22, 2021 By Cloudrovia
5 Businesses that can turn a profit in a matter of weeks.

So, you want to start a business but you don’t have large sums of money to get going; you’re going to need to turn a profit shortly after starting. You’ll need to stick to businesses that have zero-to-low overhead costs. Here are a few suggestions & approximately how quickly you can expect to see your funds rising:

1. Freelancing or Consulting

Zero to Profit: 1-2 weeks

2. Selling Ebook

Zero to Profit: 4-6 weeks

3. Creating Online Courses

Zero to Profit: 1-2 weeks (first pre-sales); 2 months (launch)

4. Starting an Online Store (Ecommerce)

Zero to Profit: 3 months

5. Starting a SaaS Product or App (in Beta)

Zero to Profit: 2 months (first pre-sales); 6-12 months (launch)

Go Forth & Earn Funds

Remember, starting a business is easy. Building a business is hard.

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Good Luck!!

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