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Sunday August 1, 2021 By Cloudrovia
17 ways to get more clicks.

You’ve seen all the youtube clickbait titles, you’ve clicked. You’ve read the diet articles, the “1 food you need to eat to lose weight”, the “1 exercise you must do to get jacked”. You’ve clicked those too. You may have even clicked more embarrassing links you don’t want to admit to. But how do they draw you in? What we are going to break down today is exactly how to write those headlines. It’s a bit of a science. Writing a headline that pops isn’t just lies & waffle, it starts with something called link gap analysis. This is how you write headlines that get clicks:

1. It all starts with Data (Your data, Public data & surveys)

2. Understand your audience

3. Appeal to human emotion

4. Make Impact

5. Read your headline out loud

6. Use Numbers in the title (At start if possible)

7. Make a promise to the viewer (and deliver on it)

8. Make sure your readers learn something

9. Share Tips, secrets, ideas, reasons, and facts

10. Create a sense of urgency in the title

11. Stand out from the crowd

12. Be very specific

13. Use as few words as possible

14. Ask yourself as the reader “What’s in it for me?”

15. Use interesting adjectives

16. Ask a question

17. Remember your keywords

As SEOs we are always searching for better links but you have to earn them by creating clickable, useful content. So here are 17 ideas for generating more clicks with your headlines. If you enjoyed this piece or have an opinion you’d like to share, message us directly or on our socials. (

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