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Still using passwords? Here’s why you won’t be next year.

By Microsoft Azure

We are living in amazing times. The old security paradigms no longer fly. We need to transform our approach to security always. The only people in the world who love passwords are hackers. Passwords are hard for us to remember & easy for hackers to guess. You really need to do more to protect your websites. The first thing everbody should do is turn on Multi-Factor Authentication. That will cut your exposure by 99.99%. That being said, the response for MFA has no been great as it's not user friendly enough. We are shifting from a world where usernames & passwords are the standard to a world where Passwordless Authentication is the standard.Read More

4 ways your Hosting package can boost your SEO

By Cloudrovia

Nobody wants to wait around these days. Not even geriatrics online are prepared to sit watching your distorted website content pixelate gradually. If your website takes too much time loading then you've got egg on your (inter)face & are losing business faster than a toupee in a hurricane. Below are 4 quick-fixes that you can make to improve your SEO. Once completed, you can be sure that your website hosting plan is not scything down your sites organic growth. Read More

Using First Principles for your Business

By Cloudrovia

What preconceptions about your life or business are currently holding you back? Are there assumptions that might not be actual facts?What language patterns are you using? How are you framing your solutions? Are your options truly your only options?Read More

Break the Matrix with Curiosity, Empathy & Serenity

By Cloudrovia

You get up, you brush your teeth, you eat cereal. You go to school. Do as you're told, sit up straight, show up on time. Don't talk back. Be a good person. Fit in. Don't make waves. Stay in your lane. The nail that sticks out is hammered down. But isn't that the problem?Read More

The Rulebook for Launching an MVP

By Cloudrovia

Today i'm going to talk to you about a minimum viable product. MVP. We always yell at founders to not use jargon yet we have this whole set of stupid startup jargon and MVP is one of them. When you think about an mvp you should think about something ridiculously simple this is the first thing you can give to the very first set of users you want to target, in order to see if you can deliver any value at all to them.Read More

Make moves or make a movement?

By Cloudrovia

You can choose to have a normal life or you can choose something totally different. I'm here to say that if you're reading this you might be able to choose to put a dent in the universe. There are an infinite amount options in life, you do not have to follow the beaten path. Steve Jobs pointed the way back in 1994:Read More

Shared, Dedicated or VPS hosting…Does it really matter?

By Cloudrovia

By now we all know that most businesses start small & aim to scale up. The same goes for your hosting. If you launch your website with a cheap option like shared hosting, that's fine for a short while but as your site grows you'll aim to migrate to VPS or Dedicated Hosting. If you follow our blog you'll know that we promote sustainable, preemptive & ambitious planning; we don't think you should ever be using shared hosting (at any time in your venture). The biggest benefits of VPS or DH is not having to share server resources with other websites. In most shared hosting cases you will be sharing resources with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sites.Read More

Here’s how you copy & paste an entire website

By Cloudrovia

A duplicated website is a perfect duplicate of a site hosted on your server. It has the same files, and the contents of its database are identical to the original. The only difference is that the duplicated site is hosted at another domain or directory. Read More

Want higher PPC conversions? Here’s an idea, Forums.

By Cloudrovia

In the paid search game, you learn by testing. You test your ad copy, your images, your CTAs. You test your headlines, your placements & your keywords. With all that testing, it’s easy to get worn out and think you’ve tried, well, everything to improve performance and increase conversion rates. Don’t worry: you haven’t. Here is a little idea that's popular with industry leading sites, it's a back door into the most active community in your niche; Trade Forums.Read More
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