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XaaS can make your life easier. Will you let it already?!

By Cloudrovia

A frantic work pace can cause burnout too soon. Business is a marathon, not a sprint. A frantic work pace can cause burnout too soon. Operating an Internet Business can be overwhelming. Just like any company, operating an Internet Business can be overwhelming. The biggest benefit of building a business in the last decade or so has been the growth of outsourcing. Yes, the classic form of outsourcing has always existed. (i.e. getting other people to do the stuff you don't want to). Over the last century, outsourcing has taken over industries like manufacturing & construction to the point where they are now completely reliant on it. However their wasn't a digital equivalent until around 30 years ago. These past few years have seen outsourcing mould into something we call XaaS & make its way through all kinds of services offered to internet businesses. Read More

Is it time to pack up & move somewhere new?

By Cloudrovia

Have you hit a plateau & developed a lack of enthusiasm for your days? Maybe you've been dreaming of some place different, a home where things are perhaps easier for you (or at least more exciting). You want the days to fly by while you thrive at becoming the best you can be but right now days go round & round without ever igniting your spark. Deep down you know that you have more to offer this life. Your dreams seem way out of reach right now & you've tried every way of doing things yet nothing seems to go to plan. You're not alone. It's not you. You are living in the wrong place. It's time to migrate your website.Read More

66 Facts that spell out our future

By Cloudrovia

So much change has happened in the last 24 months. Yes, you wore a mask & got fat but lets think bigger for a moment. The biggest impacts aren't as easily visible, the tectonic plates of our economies have shifted & we are racing into the future without brakes. Every industry has been impacted by the last two years (some more than others) & every person too. As we emerge from the stagnation most of us are wondering, what's next? I've spent the day breaking down some industry reports for you. Most of them were boring but these 66 facts I have compiled should help to uncover the destination we are all heading and who knows, you might want to get a head start.Read More

Still using passwords? Here’s why you won’t be next year.

By Microsoft Azure

We are living in amazing times. The old security paradigms no longer fly. We need to transform our approach to security always. The only people in the world who love passwords are hackers. Passwords are hard for us to remember & easy for hackers to guess. You really need to do more to protect your websites. The first thing everbody should do is turn on Multi-Factor Authentication. That will cut your exposure by 99.99%. That being said, the response for MFA has no been great as it's not user friendly enough. We are shifting from a world where usernames & passwords are the standard to a world where Passwordless Authentication is the standard.Read More

10 Steps to making a fearless Career Change.

By Cloudrovia

Whether you're in a job rut or just desire something new, you're not alone. In 2021 over 50% of people expect to make a career change in the next 2 years. That's a shocking figure but it makes sense given the changes we've seen in the last few years. We've decided to make a list of 10 steps which can help make your decision easier. This is 10 Steps to Making a Career Change.Read More

5 Income Streams for Web Designers.

By Cloudrovia

You might be wondering how possible it is to create income streams from websites. Well today I'm writing to let you know it's happening all day every day for millions of people. Rather than focussing on your own ideas & websites you can use your experience to give someone else a helping hand. Read More

How to become a Blogger in just 10 Steps.

By Cloudrovia

We've previously written in great detail about this topic. So if you want to get into that, look no further. This is a shorter, more concise version of that post in the link. Feel free to bookmark this page & take your time working through the steps. Steps 1-7 shouldn't take long at all. The hard work comes during steps 8, 9 & 10. It's also where the fun starts. It's a good idea to blog about something you love as you can't force it & it will take a long time to build your audience. Here is the cheat sheet... How to become a Blogger in just 10 steps.Read More

5 Businesses that can turn a profit in a matter of weeks.

By Cloudrovia

So, you want to start a business but you don't have large sums of money to get going; you're going to need to turn a profit shortly after starting. You'll need to stick to businesses that have zero-to-low overhead costs. Here are a few suggestions & approximately how quickly you can expect to see your funds rising:Read More
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